Direct from the Conscious Living Conference in Sydney in August 2015, Robert Kirby shares his secrets to effortlessly ignite and expand your business growth . In this webinar Robert Kirby outlines the path to  creating coherency and efficiency within your business.  and career. When you first start a  business, you are  keen and green: you have a brilliant idea, you take a chance, and you  go  for it. But after some time you may find  yourself stuck in a confusing, unprofitable rut.  It’s time to lean in and step out, or shrink back and step down.

For 26 YEARS Robert Kirby has been helping individuals and groups make profound changes by understanding themselves better.Now based in Sydney, Robert  specialises in helping business people position themselves to take their careers to new heights or to unlock the potential in their own businesses by building on their strengths and working through their blocks.

Wouldn’t you love to just feel free, expanded, confident and unstoppable in anything that you choose to do? Robert . Robert’s insights and techniques will help you permanently shift the emotional blocks that stop you in your tracks.

Robert Kirby presents a 4 day course,  Life Mastery which  centres on 4 success strategies for purpose-designed businesses.:

1. Emotional Intelligence –

The latest research into brain wave coherence, unified thought and feeling and the skills to effortlessly bring people  to common ground

2. Leadership Intelligence –

People who know and love what they are doing are unstoppable.

3. Performance Intelligence

Identifying the priorities and strategies to achieve more with less time

4. Wealth Intelligence

Clearing self-limiting beliefs that are usually unconscious can be one of the most powerful ways to realizing success in business and career.

2016 Course Dates : Sydney NSW

10-13 March  30 June – 3 July 17-20 November 

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i[email protected] T: 02 9550 0099