Are you living in truth with who you truly are? Do you wish you could have a career or business that is serving humanity; that is really aligned with your heart and soul.

In this interview with Patricia Hamilton, editor of Conscious Living Magazine, Robert Kirby speaks from the heart about  the Life Mastery Training – which he says  is about getting out of your own way and is very practical –really confronting the things that are not in truth .  The focus is on  you and a deeply felt connection to your products and services and how  you present this in a very congruent and authentic way to your existing clients and to attract new clients.

People on a spiritual path think profit is a dirty word but these people don’t have businesses that expand and grow!

This course covers all aspects of taking your business or career to the next level including  aspects that are more objective and measurable : performance and perseverance; being productive and present – delegating to the right people – getting staff who are really connected to your heart –your mission

Businesses are just like relationships – they have to grow and get better and better or they die.

Discover how you can unleash your potential and create the success you have dreamed of in your business and personal life.

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