Thank you to the  wonderful contributions from the  24 people who launched our  inaugural Heart Conscious Business Hub meeting on February 11th at Vivacious Living Centre.  The meeting was facilitated by Jacquie Walker, Mary Lucille Baker with Patricia Hamilton .
Here are some of the ideas put forward by the participants .

 It sounds like soft flowing water – there is a peaceful energy and harmony that you feel as you enter. You feel relaxed and peaceful when you enter. You feel welcome and at ease – You are greeted with a warm welcome and you feel an openness and trust. The people in the business employ are open real, clear and gentle in their communication. They listen to you and are receptive. 

What Makes a Business Heart Centred?


  • The ethos of the company demonstrates integrity credibility and authenticity.
  • The business vision and ethos of the company is reflected in the  manner in which company representatives meet clients and in the presentation of the business premises and services.
  • The company’s management systems and the work environment for the employees of the company. Loyalty, trust and shared vision are evident in the relationships within the company.
  • The business is people centred and value centred. The core business vision and practices are aligned with a broader world view, including sustainable, eco friendly and ethical practices.
  • The business owner and representatives are grounded and aligned with the vision of the business. When you walk in you feel the cohesion. Heart to heart to heart connections are made – communication is clear, the heart , brain  and gut are aligned.
  • The employees are fully present to the client and their communication embodies the vision and ethics of the business.


What does a Conscious Business Environment Look Like?


  • The Centre would have open spaces, places to sit and relax to have a conversation, a place to meditate, garden environment, incorporating natural beauty in the setting if location allows; eg ocean or river view.
  • There are comfortable areas for sitting and relaxing and talking with clients and staff rather that the traditional office space (talking over a desk). Refreshments are made available.
  • Open Spaces – a way of creating a welcoming space and work spaces where possible, to create a friendly work environment which promotes easy relationships and communication between clients and work colleagues.
  • There is opportunity to share issues that are of concern to the community. People are accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the business.


Why Heart Conscious Business?

  • Everyone benefits
  •  You will increase productivity, growth and outcomes for your business
  • Staff who are valued and respected and feel aligned with your business will be more productive for your business.
  • Growth of Success – Word of mouth recommendations grow your business employees. Satisfied clients are great ambassadors for your business.


Suggested format for Hub Meetings

  • Members present themselves and their business – 2-3 people per meeting to share and contribute to help others grow. Perhaps 5 mins per individual/business. 10 mins – what do we all do and make possible to refer to each other.
  • Open space conversation where people can form into groups on specific topics.
    Guest speakers to talk/ share Marketing Strategies, Online programs
  • Raising Consciousness as a group in the room- doing something for 15 mins every meeting and then co-creating from this space.
  • At each meeting that we have an attunement or centering or balancing eg breath meditations, chants
    We would like hub meetings to be inspirational and motivational- (oxytocin/serotonin injections/drinks)
    Trust – we would like to get to know and trust people and feel comradery.
    To give with love … change the poverty mentality
  • Develop common projects that we could all work in, eg: taking natural therapies/joy and awareness into nursing homes to complement medical therapies.
  • Guided and Informal Sharing


Ideas for discussions

  • Share what has been your biggest shift / lesson recently that others may benefit from.
  • What can we do to help each other make a living?
  • How can we support each other?
  • What I do best.
  • Things I would like to know more about.
  • The highlight of my working week.
  • An unexpected outcome.
  • What I would like you to know about me


Why would I make a commitment to attend regular hub meetings and become a member?


HCB launchimage1

  • Networking gives me the opportunity to make business contacts.
  • It is a place where I can meet like minded people.
  • It is a place where I have a voice
  • I have opportunities to participate
  • I am inspired to try new things
  • Real speakers: who inspire though sharing their story and how they got to where they are now.local from the hub, inspirational , wisdom sharing
  • Professional development – the how to do eg social media, marketing strategies

Wow – what a package you all helped to co-create. I want to belong. How about you?